The Sunday Poem: Dad's Visit ... Kim Busk

Dad’s Visit

For Sandra Ferrales, 10/17/80—10/6/13

What did we do

to deserve this beauty -- our blooming cactus flowers, the emerald green shine of our

chiles, the boys

and girls the backbones of our families, taking a stab

at adulthood in middle school? In a city of strong kids, under a sky so wide and

         this blue,

it’s as though we’re being showered

with praise by a gorgeously generous god


On a street in the North Valley, where stray gods

jog among canneries and cottonwoods, where people do what they do,

in this case, in the bathroom of a house: Sandra took a shower.

I can imagine her 12-year-old and her 6-year-old – two boys –

shunning that gift of our blue

sky outside to stay in, playing their video games: shoot shoot, stab stab.

I was hiking in the mountains on the day of the stabbing,

whispering a prayer to God,

longing for a companion, feeling  blue:

“Thank you for everything but what do I need to do

to find a nice man – they’re all boys,

you know? I want a good man.” Because I didn’t know Sandra was stepping into the


trusting her safety for a moment. She wasn’t thinking, “This is my last shower.

The restraining order didn’t work. I’ll be stabbed.

What did I do today? Did I yell at my boys, did I praise my boys?

Did I yell at God, did I praise God?

What did I just do?

Did I take one, last look at the blue?”

Sandra, a friend of yours said “she prayed all the time” so when he appeared out of the


and when he dragged you from the shower,

what did you do

to deserve one stab, 10 stabs, 50 stabs

more? What did the boys do to deserve this horror and what did he do – this man, this

         God –

when he heard your prayers for you and for the boys?

Watching boys, calling 911 boy

Mom red, Mom dead, boys blue

Missing God

Screaming shower

Shower stabbing


something must’ve come up because God hasn’t sent me a man nor did he save you or

        our      boys

from hearing their stabbed mom scream, from seeing her showered in crimson under

         our blue

sky. I’ll be fine without mine, but Sandra: Where was your God?

Kim Busk

Re:Sheriff’s Office: Boys witnessed mom’s stabbing death

"Sandra Ferrales is the second woman in recent New Mexico history who was murdered

by her husband. Her 12-year-old son who called 911 is a student at an Albuquerque

middle school." Kim Busk is the speech therapist at his school.

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Comment by Margaret Randall on October 20, 2013 at 2:12pm

Powerful powerful poem. Sent shivers down my spine. Why do the most hideous events inspire such good poetry?

Comment by Dee Cohen on October 21, 2013 at 6:27am

I've followed this terrible story on the news. I'm sorry that it hit so close to home for you -those poor boys. You words express the horror of the scene. Thank you, D

Comment by Denise Weaver Ross on October 23, 2013 at 6:50pm

Great Sestina!  From all of us at Jules Poetry Playhouse "Lonesome Sestina" troubadours.

Comment by Jules Nyquist on October 23, 2013 at 9:39pm

Kim, this is a wonderful sestina and the form makes the subject matter that much more powerful. I'm glad you are part of our sestina class at the Poetry Playhouse!

Comment by John Roche on October 24, 2013 at 8:19am

Powerful and skillful poem!

Comment by Kim Adonna on October 24, 2013 at 6:30pm

Each comment was incredible.  Thank you.  If it wasn't for Jules' Poetry Playhouse, I wouldn't have even known about sestinas!  Thanks, Jules.  


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