The Sunday Poem: David Benedetti . . . Thundershower


                                                                                             (for Zoë)

just like no rain all spring, then, down by the river, flowing, with record snowmelt, walking across the new weeds, a close-up on your brown calves, white cotton hemline swinging, the dog bounding ahead after pheasants, right up to the edge, riverbank continually caving into the bouillon of adobe water, our four feet dunk in, the dog's four too, and with cinematic grandeur the macrocephalic thunderheads start blossoming like moonflowers up the valley, blackbottomed, stacked, cleavage showing everywhere, posing as female Ukrainian weight lifters, the sun still shining away over the horizon, redwing blackbirds flying around, chirping and whistling right into the face of the oncoming downpour—lightning, lightning—then thunder plunging directly into our eardrums, wind gushing, the first big drops poking us in the eyes, battalions of acne scars momentarily tap-dancing across the river, then quickly entire plate glass factories come crashing down deluging the area, our tongues hanging out, bombarded, lapping it up, the onslaught of the million wetnesses begins, bandidos of slanting water chestnuts plummet through the already greening foliage, whisk-brooming wavelets typewrite around us, and totally wet, our blouses sticking showing off the brown nipples, we suddenly become Sophia Loren!—god! how beautiful! wading gigantic up the piranha-filled Amazon!—steam misting warm above the wiggling river, we huddle together, get drenched, sniff the fresh-washed air, kiss slippery lips, drip all over, sop up the moist atmosphere, and speak, gurgling, inside the cataclysm: "it's raining! it's raining!"

David Benedetti

A few years back David said of himself, "5 foot 8 inch, 140 pound . . . halfbreed. sandy brown hair, blue eyes, often wears glasses and a reddish beard. goes by numerous names, last seen in Albuquerque, New Mexico. wanted for obliviousness to the law. has two arms and should be considered dangerous. if you see this person, notify him immediately." Author of Internal Weather (ancient) and Nictitating Membrane (not so ancient) and many other books and collages, he is a poet whose writing takes every turn imaginable including computer aided works. At one time he created the unforgetable film "The Attack of the Vanilla Wafers." The world is in need of David's versatile renewed exposure in words and visuals.

See Elizabeth Jacobson's poem in New Mexico Mercury. Everyone is thrilled that Jessica Helen Lopez is Albuquerque's new Poet Laureate. Congratulations Jessica. And many thanks for the helpful and vital work you've done as the first Duke City Poet Laureate, Hakim Bellamy!

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Comment by Margaret Randall on April 27, 2014 at 11:38am

Beautiful poem to rain! Hope it brings some.

Comment by larry goodell on April 27, 2014 at 1:18pm

Steve Brown says of this prose-poem, "I love the camera-lens details. Write like a photographer and you can't go wrong."

Comment by Izquierdo on April 27, 2014 at 5:35pm

Weather or not, the image Loren's brown nipples is revealing, even cataclysmic. Congratulations Jessica Helen Lopez. Have I missed an earlier announcement of her status on DCF?

Comment by Merimee Moffitt on June 15, 2014 at 9:08am

Beautiful rain poem love poem joy poem--thank you--


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