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Good Sunday Duke City Fix Readers.

Please enjoy today's poem by Albuquerque poet who has made his mark on the poetry world in several ways. From publishing annual anthologies featuring New Mexico Poets to producing a monthly Open Mic, Kenneth Gurney is a recognizable name among the poetry community. Please enjoy this weeks poem.

I always believed in God, just not in the manner
my parents’ church thought I should.
As I grew and changed, my version of God
grew and changed as well.
So my fluid belief attempts to place understanding
upon the unexplainable and multi-universal.
I feel confident that God does not mind
my thinking, my thinking for myself.
I believe that in the midst of all my redefining
my concept of God that God remains God,
little changing in the amusement we provide
in our mortal attempts to grasp the eternal,
the possible eleven dimensional reality of M-theory, 
the idea that we are separate in existence.
Whether it is God’s dream or belief or powers
that makes me real,
I am glad that my beliefs 
make my personal God real to me,
even if it is only for a sympathetic ear to listen, 
when I am alone in the dark and feeling a little bit down.

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