The Sunday Poem: Larry Goodell. . .The First Breath & Prelude (Solstice poems)

I'm putting together an accordion fold notebook to write and draw in.

First Breath

What can you say about anything beginning again?
If a turnover is present are you in it, as it turns over?
And you meet your right side up upside down
as the year seizes itself and disposes of itself
and starts all over again. Where am I.
I seem to be the same old self
delving on the past, my only sense of time.
Where is a renewing, a change, a completion of anything
so that the only progress is something else
and you must proceed, there’s no way out but growth
and change
or stepping aside and letting everything changing
           pass you by –
as it passes me by I feel old.
I didn’t jump soon enough.
I didn’t jump, and yet
I’m being drawn by a thousand suction cups
forward – or something like that
as I lie back here with nothing changed
and I haven’t budged and nothing forced me
and everything is just quickly becoming the past
again and I see no way out but the future which I can’t see
but it begins again throwing itself constantly away
and bam! popping into the present again.
The more I am attentive and aware
no matter what or where I am
I’m always beginning, beginning beginning, so
happy birthday, merry christmas, happy new year –
welcome to taking your first breath.


The “sunlight of the spirit” is
the sunlight of the sun
giving shelter to the spirit
all day long

as the spirit takes on
a light of its own
as if you could see it
it burns like the sun.

Larry Goodell

I read these at the Luminous Night candlelight winter solstice event at Las Placitas Presbyterian Church last night. About 9 of us poets read in the mostly dark sanctuary . . . the 16th year for this event!

True, I was born in Roswell and went to high school there, but I've been in Albuquerque-Placitas area since back in the age of the Troubadours . . . not really, but long enough to see changes, first in '57 then in '61 and on till now . . . hustling and bustling with the poetry and art scenes whenever I could and fortunately, getting married to Lenore, photographer-artist-native plant aficionado. I kind of exploded as a "performance" poet in the early 70's, I'm told. You can peruse and hear many aspects of my work by starting at Facebook or here

Tell others about this Sunday Poem if you like this, and check out the weekly poem in the New Mexico Mercury. Submissions for the Sunday Poem are welcome. Send to  Larry Goodell, Guest Editor

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Comment by Margaret Randall on December 23, 2013 at 7:50am

Wish I had been there to hear you read these, Larry. The first one especially moves me greatly. Thank you for your life in poetry, and for sharing it so well with all of us.


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