The Sunday Poem: Peter Christensen . . . 2 Poems from a Canadian Poet

At the Point Where Time Has Not Yet Cut

In a field
where cows graze
and walk about
anything can be imagined

perhaps a white egret stalking
insects in the stirred up grass
against a backdrop
of mountains

or waters,
I see all this through five windows
senses that confirm
yet I remain apart
because time has not yet cut.

Peter Christensen

Bufflehead Confirmation

Two Buffleheads have
come to feed in the river
flowing past the front
door so slowly sometimes

at other times racing
tumbling my thoughts
I glass upstream search
amid the smooth boulders

today it is Buffleheads only
wintering on the north coast
diving as a pair to bottom feed
insect larvae, marine crustaceans

having identified them as what
they are I am deeply satisfied
set the glasses down
no longer hold my breath.

Peter Christensen

He writes from British Columbia: "Took a 10 year hiatus from creative writing turning to contract writing for government and industry to try and bolster my savings,(nearly ruined me as far as writing anything of worth for at least that long), last decent thing I did was a book of short stories, Wilderness Tales which did alright.... having now semi retired to Oona River am once again writing poems, articles and stories, also driving truck now and again to bring in a few extra dollars. Truck driving does not ruin your mind in the way that writing propaganda does!! Hey maybe in a different way!" Note: a bufflehead is "a buoyant, large-headed duck that abruptly vanishes and resurfaces as it feeds." Thank you Peter for the poems from a place of plenty of water and rain. To hear Peter read "To Sing With Cowards" which he read in Albuquerque in 1987, listen, it's excellent.

See Margaret Randall's review of a poetry anthology With Our Eyes Wide Open and the New Mexico Mercury's weekly poem Archeology by Adrian Louis. Carlos Contreras takes the stage in: “Time Served” a one-man-show produced and directed by Tricklock Theatre Company April 11th & 12th at 8pm.

I am featured poet this Wednesday the 9th about 7 pm in the Poetry At the Range Cafe, Bernalillo New Mexico. 30 minutes of Goodell including a WIPP wallop. Send me the poem that Albuquerque is dying to read for "The Sunday Poem." Larry Goodell

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Comment by Margaret Randall on April 6, 2014 at 7:42am

Amazing how different poetry is from wet places! Nice poems...

Comment by Izquierdo on April 6, 2014 at 8:02pm

I am particularly impressed with your poem on buffleheads, not only for its style, but for the subject matter, having had a similar first experience with the birds on the Pecos River in New Mexico on a trip with my son. The birds were new to us, and we carefully identified them in the fairly fast, mountainous, cool clear river, amid cottonwoods. They moved easily from midstream to soft eddies and back. It was one of the first wildlife lessons we shared over the decades. 



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