The Sunday Poem: Please . . . Bobby Byrd

Bobby & Lee Byrd

Please . . .

in memory of Wayne Crawford

Let me say that Wayne has gone away
Let me read his dead poet poems
Let me fry these other fish
Please let me stuff myself with fagioli
Let me parsley and parmesan
Let me and all poets tell their story
Let Wayne tell his story
How it began in one place and it ends in another
Please take a tip from me
Please let me put the pieces back together
Please let me Howdy Doody
Let me Buffalo Bob and Clarabelle too
Let me Muddy Waters and Jimmy Reed
Let me Li Po and Wang Wei
And, like Wayne, let me Superman and let me Lois too
Please let me look inside that closet door
Let me say goodbye please let me say hello
Yes hello
Goodbye too
Please let the light shine inside
The sunlight and the candlelight
The light to read a book by
Just a little bit of light for lovemaking
Light for the flute light for the song
Light to sing along
More light
Less light and so
No light
Wayne has left the light the room the house
He has gone outside
He has emptied his pockets
He has said goodbye
The light is gone from his eyes
Please let us say goodbye
And yes
Oh when the time does come
Please let us all go through that door with grace
Please let us be excused
Please let us go outside
Let the light be exhausted from our eyes
Please let us go you and me
Let us be excused let us go outside
And thank you yes thank you
Thank you thank you
Thank you Wayne thank you
You have gone outside
Thank you
And so goodbye

Bobby Byrd

Otherwise, My Life Is Ordinary is Bobby Byrd's new book of poems, from Cinco Puntos Press in El Paso. He will do a poetry reading this Wednesday the 9th of July shortly after 7 pm at The Range Cafe in Bernalillo, featured along with Mr. Mitch Rayes, Albuquerque's award winning poet-songwriter. This fine program is part of Poetry At The Range, set up by Bill Nevins. Open mic also and for the following.

AND on Thursday, the next evening, July 10th Bobby Byrd will be featured along with poet-educator-publisher Katrina Guarascio at 7 pm at the South Broadway Cultural Center 1025 Broadway Blvd SE, Albuquerque, again thanks to Bill Nevins. I highly recommend both nights, both programs since it is so seldom that we can hear Bobby read here 266 miles from his home in El Paso. Both events free. Bobby Byrd's blog is always refreshing and enlightens from the poetry concourse in the El Paso border area.

Wayne Crawford (1947-2011) retired in Las Cruces and was active in poetry events there (one book is Sugar Trail, 2007). A collaboration between Randy Granger and him is Dancing At The Totem. Send submissions for The Sunday Poem to Thank you all, Larry Goodell.

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Comment by larry goodell on July 6, 2014 at 9:20am

You must hear Bobby Byrd read (if you haven't) so you can hear his great voice (Memphis overtones) as you read the poem . . . here's a video of him reading "Gabachos in the Photograph" . . .

Comment by Merimee Moffitt on July 10, 2014 at 10:37am

Oh I love this wonderful love poem goodbye poem and let me poem.  So sorry I;m missing yr ABQ shows Bobby Burd as I have a lovely daughter in Berlin and am visiting  her city this month.  Really glad you published this anaphoric rythmic elegy/eulogy . . . Your light-filled poem makes our world a little brighter and more fun and happy


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