The Sunday Poem: Rich Boucher... Divine By Accident

You're allowed to hazard a guess as to which religious or political leader this perverse love letter is aimed at.  I know I did.  Living or dead, past or present, or maybe a conglomeration of all of any case, Rich Boucher aims his beam of ironic humor in their direction.  What is a bit unsettling, however, is that the poem is every bit as much about us as them.

Divine By Accident

Fallen rock star in my adoring sight,

disgraced and gorgeous leader of my body politic

and my free world,

maybe this is a weakness of mine

but I love the way you make mistakes,

I love the way you drop the ball and botch exams;

that’s nice; that’s pretty sweet, actually, see,

there’s just something in the way you do things wrong so right;

the right-hand side of my sky is all that’s left;

you perpetrate vanity and pride in the first degree

and I cheer you on until my voice is gone;

I love the way you get so impossibly hostile

at the drop of your own pointed hat,

the way you can stop on some kind of emotional dime

and the way you’re always stealing that dime from someone else’s tip jar;

I love how you’re always so ready to throw down every time you fuck up

and I love the way you later on gripe Jesus,

the way you afterwards rage goddamit,

the way you death-glare snarl at anyone who sees you fail;

cussword assassin and ever-so-pretty backstabber,

I love the way you forget where you put the keys

and then blame it on the humidity, or the economy, or me;

I love the way you love it when a stranger trips and falls,

how you chimpanzee glory in the mishap that scrapes someone else’s knee;

I love the way you assume you know everything

and carry on like you’re the only one in the know

even when you don’t know the first thing

or the last thing or anything in between about it

and how sweet it is, the way you blow through red lights when you need to;

the way you leave your messes behind in restaurants

and flit away like people only imagined you were there;

I love the way your lips never say thank you or please,

the way you highway and roadside litter

even in the most Autumn of country lane Falls;

I love the way you throw your shade around in broad daylight,

so much darkness in your eyes I could be excused for confusing you with a zombie;

I guess I’m in love with every blessed blemish blossoming your humanity;

it scares me how much I scare me when I think of how safe I am with you;

this is dread in full color and it frightens the fear right out of me.

Why? Because your love addicted me at the very first feel;

it’s funny how I thought I was immune, thought I was faster

than the oncoming disaster attached to a valentine arrow

but your love, your love is a tanker of frozen oxygen

wrecking spectacular in the rush hour of all my thoughts

and it makes the six o'clock news of me, all the time;

you make me want everything you shouldn't give to me.

So go on, keep on bursting peoples’ bubbles

and demolishing the dreams of strangers;

keep committing every exemplary sin

every cell in your skin was made for.

Why? Because even though I know better,

I still love all these things about you;

they prove you’re picture-perfection manifest

in all your precious imperfections;

if you never committed any of these crimes

I think I would find you boring to the point of telethon tears,

and I’d never want to find you at all;

in your selfishness limitless you’re marvelous;

in your arrogance unwavering you’re beautiful;

in your utter contempt for all that society asks of you

you’re a vision in a cracked mirror; statuesque in your lovely brutality;

every flaw you have is a facet in the hopeless diamond you are

and you are perfect.

--Rich Boucher

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Comment by Margaret Randall on July 27, 2014 at 11:36am

This is Rich at his best... come on, now, Rich, send me a poem for this column. I've asked and you haven't responded. I pick it up beginning next week, and would love to have something of yours: a poem, a bio, a photo. Don't make me beg!

Comment by Merimee Moffitt on August 3, 2014 at 2:29pm

yeah, all that you said, and then some ice cream with gummy frogs--this is a public posting so that's all You get.  hmmmmm


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