The Sunday Poem: Two Poems From Synergy, a Publication from Albuquerque's ArtStreet

ArtStreet is "A community-based project and collective open studio space where art

is used as the connection for community-building for those without and those with

homes." Facebook link.


I Come From Melted Glass


I come from melted glass

I come from my grandfather's smile so that I can exist

I come from cheap swimming pools and Celia up in my bedroom

I come from tv dinners and stale rice cakes

I come from mom's 365 ways of making chicken

I come from cross eyed and scared

I come from my brother's suitcase and my sister's Hot Pink Lava or Saturday mornings

I come from Kishke and Koogle

I come from Friday Night Sabbath lighting candles with my mother

     and my sister to welcome in the new week and let rest the past

I come from confusion and frustration trying to find my place at the dinner table

I come from plans to find my way out

I come from sitting on window ledges or toilets contemplating this life

I come from ancient toys in grandma's closet

I come from autumn walks to Synagogue for the high holidays

I come from grandma Florence's matza ball chicken noodle soup

I come from Skokie with the Neo Nazi march

and Odessa Ukraine from hand me downs and babushkas

I come from grandma Rose's red lipstick and heavily perfumed embrace

I come from feeling my heart stop, drop, on a cold February morning

I come from hearing of the death of grandpa William on the day of my birthday

I come from a big brother who died at age three

I come from carrying a piece of him with me

     holding him for my family

I come from my father's silence and my mother's pain

I come from my brother's disapproval and my sister's joy

I come from the women of Iowa who held a mirror

I come from Suzanne and Hallelujah, a gift from Leonard Cohen

I come from community, from the constant search for truth

I come from Siddhartha and The Color Purple

I come from a love of rawness

A love for the random, a love for the in between the lines

     and out of the box, a love for the mismatched or the overused

I come from the sock monkey and its long well used soul

I come from recycled art

I come from ArtStreet


Mindy Grossberg


                                                Fear Is A Homeless Shelter

Fear is a homeless Shelter

It sounds like chaos echoing in my


Eight months of time I can't reclaim.

Swirling colors are the clothes on others

all around

I fear because I'm still there in a

homeless shelter.

I fear because chaos is unyielding

I fear because the swirling colors of

unknown people are going nowhere

I fear because here, there, still fear

In a homeless shelter.


ArtStreet is amazing. This book of poems and art work called Synergy is an eye opener and very moving. I bought my copy at an art show at the Harwood. These two poems are but a sample. DO see this video if you can and learn about ArtStreet.

Feel free to tell friends and acquaintances about this Sunday poem and link to it in your correspondence. Also, check out the weekly poem in the New Mexico Mercury, this week a poem by our Las Cruces friend Joe Somoza!  Submissions for the Sunday Poem are welcome. Send to  And please comment!  Larry Goodell 

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Comment by Johnny_Mango on November 17, 2013 at 11:53am

Wow.  How bare are our souls when reading these two pieces.  These do what all great poetry does:  it restores the silence.  Thanks Larry.  You are doing good work...and in so many ways.

Comment by Margaret Randall on November 21, 2013 at 8:19am

Am out of town so just saw these now. Mindy, your poem is amazing. Pamela's is too. Can't wait to read the whole book and see the video. Thank you, Larry.


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