I first met Debbi at the Fixed & Free bike shop where the new bike shop owner, Sam, graciously shared his space and let us have monthly readings, the name of his shop and the forms of poems so happily entwined.  Debbi’s work caught my attention then with themes so primal and relevant, au currant and ancient. Since then I’ve learned about her generosity in sharing her home with writers, her ability to show up and perform, the good spread she puts on if you're lucky, and her incisive wit wherever she is. Here is some of her new work.

Note to Self


I pray for peace in my heart

and on earth, for luck to spring

from the ashes in my mouth,

for my mouth to speak only

words of compassion.


Because birds communicate

between this life and the next,

I seek their guidance in opening

my eyes to awe in everyday

miracles; morning wind,

evening’s fading light painting

clouds in umber and magenta.



Fate in the New Year

  -for Octavia E. Butler


Not only death and taxes,

but Change. Life is movement.


Pray to the G-d who is Change,

pray to your self, you are Change,

you are G-d.


Pull direction from chaos,

pray for seeds of Change.


Bury seeds of Change

in the cinders under

the tree planted in your

placental afterbirth.


Home Poem


I.  Breakfast


Yemen bombed while we sleep.

Women called liars when they speak.

Dog runs in trafficked street,

a smashed flat rabbit (yum) to eat.


II.  Hike


Not trapped, caught,

skinned for dinner and hat,

Rabbit stew by a friend in Florida. 

Meatier than squirrel, less work

than a hundred thumbnail size

clams for chowder. Bare light 

near kitchen, only bulb 

in his one room home.


III.  Home


(Not white trailer trash)

Not worn out but worn well.

Surround in colors hung,

of written, spoken, sung 

vibrant thoughts, words.

(Not Indira’s) but safety

net with large dog,

tawny, ivory, black.



In Mexico


I find a new husband,

five years widowed 

with four grown children,

eight grandchildren 

and counting.


A short, stocky, muscular

construction worker, he

does not care that I am

a Jew and sometimes

I go to church with him,

where Latin and old rituals

bring me added peace.


He smiles at his fortune,

a roof over his head,

miscellaneous material

goods under the roof, 

including food 

in the refrigerator

and a woman to love.


He says we make our 

own happiness.  I believe him

as he reaches his arms 

around my middle.


Author Page: https://www.facebook.com/Debbi-Brody-403362593193901/?ref=aymt_home...


Bio: Debbi Brody conducts poetry workshops and readings at festivals and other venues through out the Southwest to writers age five through ninety-five. She publishes frequently in regional and national literary journals. Her work has appeared in the Santa Fe Literary Review, Broomweed Journal, Poetica, Sin Fronteras and many others magazines and books of note including numerous anthologies. Her first full-length collection, Portraits in Poetry, (Village Books Press, Oklahoma, 2006), as well as her chapbook, FreeForm, are out of print. Her 2013 chapbook, Awe in the Muddle and her 2015 collection In Everything Birds, (Village Books Press, Oklahoma, 2006) are available through artqueen58@aol.com Debbi has lived in Santa Fe, NM with her husband since 1992.


The DitchRider’s Sunday Poem on Duke City Fix is accepting submissions of 3 to 5 of your favorite poems. Please send in a word doc to merimeemoffitt1@mac.com ; be sure to put DitchRider in the subject line and include a short bio and a few pictures from which I may select.  Please, also, send any links or notices of events. Your name on the poems seems to be very useful! Thanks in advance from Merimee. I will get back to you within the shortest framework I can muster.

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