The Two Whos on life's little things -- "Pajama Party of the Two Whos"

From the Two Whos

The night before Cece's surgery, the Two Whos had a pajama party, so Yun can drive Cece to her surgery at 5:45am the next morning.

When Yun arrived, Cece noticed her new hair cut:"hey, it is perfect for you!" Yun said:"Maybe you could show me how to hot roller my hair after I take a shower?" Yun just came from her dance class.

Cece got the beauty equipment out, and within minutes, we got the mini hair dresser training session going... Cece is amused at how ignorant Yun is about the most basic steps and skills of "doing ones hair'. Yun is marveled at the wonder what a blower dryer and a few hot rollers can do, and her hair is really not that impossible. However, Yun does need some more practice on her eye-hand coordination if she wants to dry her hair not burn her face.

Little did they know that the pajama party would last virtually for 36 hours, from Cece's home, to hospital operation room, to the cyberspace dreams of SEO.

At the hospital, Cece was changed into something like a pajama. She was lying on the 'bed' having a good chat and fun laughter with the nurses and doctors. Cece sashayed across the pre-op room in her pajamas to the restroom: "sometimes, we must have denial" (She meant one must overlook the uncomfortable and party as if all is well). Yun, dressed normally, can only read and sign papers at the party...

On the morning after Cece's surgery, Yun woke up early, stumbled into her study in her pajamas, there were three emails from Cece! Not about her pain or recovery drama, but about the Two Whos, the SEO...

So, the Two Whos started exchanging emails and phones calls in pajamas... The feed burner, the new blogs, the key words.... the downhill slide or uphill climb, hard to tell at times... Like always, laughter and fun are hard to get rid off when Two Whos are working on the very serious stuff.

Cece said "I just nominated us for the best kept secret and best new blog…check this out and vote too! ...

That was the Two Whos' 36 hour pajama party finale! Finally, Yun wanted coffee and Cece needed to get into her normal clothes for her post-surgery appointment with her Doctor. When Yun got back to her computer minutes later, there is another email from Cece. She was complaining for the first time "Gee, it is hard to button my jeans with one hand."

"Bye for Now" from the Two Whos

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