The Two Whos on "Trash Day..the Day of Dread... Is Being Miserabalae Worth it?"

It is Sunday, garbage day. It is the day of dread for Yun for four years since the start of her single motherhood. The trash needs to be collected from around the house from several trash bins, from beneath the kids' beds where she often finds candy wraps and empty water bottles. Mysteriously, from the kid's desks, she finds rocks, piles of experimental dirt, and some other earthly things that are not belonging to the desk...

This chore may seem trivial, a few minutes around the house, it is done. Cece says: "You are so industrious, why be bothered by the trash?". Yun thinks Cece is not being understanding because it is Yun's secret wish that the trash will come to life and orderly and automatically march itself into the garbage bin outside. So, every Sunday, Yun would dread the chore, and at the same times, work herself up to utter misery.

"I wish I do not have to do this repetitive chore. I would rather read and do other fun things." These thoughts led her to think "how dare her ex-husband not do this chore anymore after the divorce."

Then she went on to the kids....."I wish kids just do not make the house so messy." She said to herself, which made her feel the self pity: "Oh, how hard the life is for a single mother. I have to work to support the family and do the house work all at the same time"

"I wish..." All her wishes she worked .....only made the garbage day more miserable and unhappy for her.

On this particular Sunday, after what can go wrong has gone wrong, (Cece wonders if Yun knows Murphy's Law? ) her car, computer, roof, kids sick etc... She started to go around the house to collect the trash without much of the wishes of what should be. She actually just simply did the chore and found it relaxing. While she was dumping it all into the giant black trash bin, she realized that the whole chore is nearly not as painful as she has made it out to be. "Gee, Being miserable is so not worthy of the effort."

Cece wonders if Yun has thought of the garbage as a metaphor for the garbage in our own lives that we need to take out and put in the trash? Take it out to the curb and wait for the garbage person to pick it up! Sweep clean the trash in our lives and make room. This can put a more positive spin on "taking out the trash" as it is collected, it can be named.....this is the trash I will call perfectionism...this is the trash I will call worry...this is the trash I call "My poor kids" etc.

Garbage is here to stay, we might as well collect it and move them along...Why waste energy to work up the dread? "Just do it' means "Drop your unproductive wishes of what should have been and get on jolly with the little things in life."

"Bye for Now" from The Two Whos

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