They are all reasons to be... a concert review in tangentia

It occurred to me yesterday, as I read my favorite degenerate sports fan/sportswriter's column, that this week is the nexus of All Things Great, and for so many people.

To wit: we successfully made the transition from Autumn to Winter, I covered (and then uncovered) my tomatoes on Monday night to prolong a little fresh veggie goodness. Now they are dusted with wet, heavy snow.

Wolf Creek opens this weekend.

As prefaced above, the sportsfan in all of us can partake of all four "major" sports this weekend; The NFL still has 3 undefeated teams, The NHL is off to an exciting start...

Check out this future NHLer's stickwork:
The World Series offers hope of a great Yankee beatdown, and The NBA opened its season last night (Things look real good for my guys...)

El Kookooee burned this past Sunday.

We turn our clocks back this upcoming Saturday night, which is also All Hallows' Eve. Contrary to popular belief and wishful thinking, the bars ARE NOT open an additional hour.

This transitory time, combined with two personal tales of death- one animal, one human- that have befallen me in the past few days made last night's Built To Spill show at the Sunshine Theatre all the more meaningful. The songs take on essences you don't expect- the semi-quiet, between-song instrument tunings become pauses for reflection. Luckily for us, the emotion that Doug Martsch puts into his vocals and axe-slinging are raw and powerful... dare I say cathartic.

300+ fellow unknowing consolers took in the hour and a half of noisy storytelling and melodic treatises along with us, appreciating Built To Spill's impressive discography in "one-night-only" form. Ten different albums were culled for the catharsis, including three songs from the new album There is No Enemy, which was released on October 6th. Listen to a tune from the album here. The only hitch was some early under-the-radar-for-most guitar pedal troubles for Brett Netson, making his normally high-pitched squeal accents gritty and choppy. I honestly think I was one of six people who noticed.

Opening the show with "Kicked it in the Sun" was an indulgence I really appreciated, it was the only song from Perfect From Now On, and a personal fave. There have been entire days spent- not to mention roadtrips undertaken- with that song as the principal soundtrack, "...It was all that you could do, how could you refuse, and you kicked it in the sun, it was all you had to do..."

Here's the set list for the whole show (along with their corresponding Album source):

*Kicked it in the Sun* (Perfect From Now On)
*Reasons* (There's Nothing Wrong With Love)
*The Plan* (Keep It Like A Secret)
*When Not Being Stupid is Not Enough* (Built To Spill/Caustic Resin Split EP)
*Done (w/ extended jam)* (There is No Enemy)
*Hindsight (w/ extended jam)* (There is No Enemy)
*Stab* (There's Nothing Wrong With Love)
*Liar* (You In Reverse)
*Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss* (Ancient Melodies of the Future)
*Nowhere Nothin' Fuckup* (Ultimate Alternative Wavers)
*Carry The Zero* (Keep It Like A Secret)
*Planting Seeds* (There is No Enemy)
*Weather* (Ancient Melodies of the Future)
*Virginia Reel Around the Fountain* (technically a Halo Benders cover, but Doug Martsch was in the Halo Benders as well-- can be found on the Live album)

The only ever-so-slight disappointment was the exclusion of "Car" from the set list. I had heard a rumor that they play that song at EVERY live show as a tribute to former drummer Andy Capps, who died in 2006. Alas, maybe it was a "sign" for us to make our own memorial out of last night's show.

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Comment by once banned twice shy on October 28, 2009 at 2:11pm
It snowed in Fringecrest? Wow. No snow in NotNob. (Carlisle/Lomas area) Crazy.
Comment by slamwagon on October 28, 2009 at 2:22pm


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