so i'm in farmington helping my mom recover after surgery...ugh farmington.

i miss burque soo much.

everyone keeps asking me "why do you miss albuquerque?" my reply each time "because albuquerque has the random shennanigans i love, it is my home now and because it's burque."

my mom asked me to move back to farmington and i just can't go back to small town life.

it's either bigger or nothing with me now.

i miss lights, hustle and noise.

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Comment by Edith Grove on February 16, 2011 at 11:06pm
I know how you feel. I was recently gone for more than two weeks helping my pop who was in the hospital (but getting better now, thankfully!). I sure missed Albuquerque, though I'm not too sad about missing the sub-freezing weather. I managed to scrounge up a packet of NM red chile powder at the local Whole Foods in California and made up a batch of red chile sauce to keep me company. It was nice to share a bit of our state with the lovely people who so graciously put us up while we were out there.
Comment by Rita on February 17, 2011 at 7:12am
ha! ha!  when I was growing up in Burque I thought it was just too I'm really in Smallville and I can't wait to get back! 
Comment by ramon t on February 17, 2011 at 9:05am
I guess it is all about what you want in life.  I have lived both in a small town and a very large city.  I was born in Albuquerque.  Lived in Belen until 12 then off to Los Angeles.  Stayed in Los Angeles until after college then moved back to Albuquerque.  Now I live in Paradise Hills and am looking to move to Los Lunas/Bosque Farms area.  At this point in my life I want smaller, less lights, less hustle and less noise.
Comment by Barelas Babe on February 17, 2011 at 4:11pm
What a tough spot to be in! I'm sure your mom misses having you close to home, but I can completely understand the desire to live where you feel most alive. Are there any compromises you can make that might help you give your mom the support she needs (from physical care to emotional connection) that keep you in Albuquerque? Could you offer to visit her on a regular schedule?
Comment by senida on February 17, 2011 at 9:46pm

@ edith grove i'm glad your dad is doing much better!i always mail chile to my auntie that lives in cardiff, ca i loe it out there.

@ rita i know how it feels lol.

@ ramon t i love being busy when i'm not busy i find something to make me busy i have problems sitting still. i like for things to always be moving around me. my parents live in what's called farmington but it's actually about 45 mins outside of town with nothing but dirt roads, the only lights you have are house light and the moon and stars. i love it don't get me wrong but i found my niche.

@ barelas babe my mom knows i'm only a phone call away. i visit 4 times a year so about every 3 months i'll stay 2-3 weeks. it's crazy how much she misses me...i miss her too but i have to remind her that i have my own life it gets exhausting because she doesn't think i'm living right in burque.

Comment by AriesSweet on February 18, 2011 at 8:23am

I totally know what you mean.  My mom always says that she "sometimes thinks" (in other words wishes) I will move back and go live with her and take care of her and my dad.  These days sometimes I "wish" too only because I miss my mom very much. BUT... I won't ever go back!  Lucky for me she is only 3.5 hours away just south of Las Cruces.  My dream was always to go somewhere big and Albuquerque was my first step which in reality is not very big.  I love it though.  For me too it is either bigger than this or staying put and no going back.  I too miss lights, hustle and noise when I go back to little Mesquite, NM.  Whenver I drive back and come down that hill just past the Hard Rock on I25 I think "Ah... city lights".  I look to my left and see the ABQ skyline and in front of me signs for every exit between Sunport all the way past the Big I, I just can't help but smile and my sadness from leaving my mom & dad back home goes away just for that one moment.

Comment by senida on February 23, 2011 at 12:42pm

i get that exact feeling to coming down the hill into the start of feels like a weight is gone and all the city lights look like stars but on the ground...i just can't help but smile.


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