The Sunday Poem: Larry Goodell . . . Waste Isolation Pilot Protest

Waste island piled up process

waste haste erased face

eye sailing solution salination piled up project

waste island piled up process

weighted hated icicle fracture profligation malfunction

junction compression waste pile up concussion

comprehensive collision at junction to malfunction

pilot concussion isolation explosion ramification

pick up projected erased condition colossal collision

project pilot malfunction computer project

wasted, tragedy isolated, fracture severed waste

spill contaminate projected piloted computer truck container

                                                                          collision fault fracture conjunction

waste haste effaced pilot light eye sailing salination

fissure earthquake spillage isolation impossible

collision inevitable malfunction Carlsbad Artesia

split Hobbs, Jal concussion project contaminate

Carlsbad Caverns wasted, Carlsbad isolated,

contaminated pilot screams projected collision

clean up condemned quarantined isolated malfunction

inevitable fracture seismic overthrow Carlsbad

Contaminated Clines Corners quarantined 4 Corners

isolated Gallup Fort Worth Oak Ridge Santa Fe Arroyo Hondo Los Alamos

Sandia Labs contaminated I-25 isolated

state cordoned off New Mexico Colorado Texas

Arizona contaminated spillage collision

pilot screams waste isolation

pilot protests in collision

that project progress process rejected:

the waste isolation pilot protests.

                                                                          larry goodell / placitas, new mexico 

This poem appeared in Yoo-Hoo Press booklet Out of Secrecy along with the drawing as a centerpiece, a reproducible broadside. I wrote the poem in 1990 and Scott Nicolay brought my booklet out in '92. I am putting together poems and songs on the subject which I will give you a link to soon. I apologize for publishing myself, which I'd rather not do, but I have received absolutely nothing by email so it's up to you my friends to not leave me in the lurch come Saturday night! Photo was taken in Austin and is the poet wearing a garbage bag shaped like New Mexico, as a "mask" for reading his WIPP poems. Go here for information concerning upcoming Public Meetings in Albuquerque (3/18 and 3/27) and Santa Fe (3/31) about WIPP).

I am from Roswell, since '57 living in Albuquerque (except for 2 years US Army) and since '63 living in Placitas. Married, yes, to the photographer, phenologist and artist Lenore Goodell. Links to a lot of my online activities are here. 

Check out the Richard Vargas poem this week in New Mexico Mercury! Note: the Duende Poetry Series opens its 10th year March 23 at 3 pm with Georgia Santa Maria and Zachary Kluckman at the Anasazi Fields Winery in Placitas and it's freeSubmissions for The Sunday Poem: Send to  or Thank you to Duke City Fix. Please spread the word if you think this is a good thing, and comment!

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Comment by Margaret Randall on March 17, 2014 at 5:54am

This is a powerful poem, written so long before the most recent accident at WIPP and ending with the site itself protesting its own use and abuse! Thanks, Larry. Also, come on all you poets--send a poem to the Ditchrider! Let's keep this wonderful venue going.


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