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At 5:11pm on August 14, 2010, Diane Ubario said…
hello everybody My Name is Diane and If possible I would like to contact Miss Laura  my email is 
At 10:23am on August 18, 2009, LINDA COOK said…
At 1:26pm on August 17, 2009, LINDA COOK said…
At 6:32pm on May 26, 2009, Anna Murphy said…
Hi Laura, I hope you are well since I haven't heard from you. Or maybe you, like other moms are busy with end of year stuff. I know I woke up to a major flare this morning and it couldn't come at a worse time. Well I won't keep you. Here's to good health.xoxo
At 8:20pm on May 16, 2009, Anna Murphy said…
Hi Laura, Thank you for being my friend and for organizing the FMS/CFS group site. I hope we can keep the interest up. It seems to wax and wane from what I gleaned from the discussion notes. I can be a chatterbox, and I like to start new topics so I hope I don't step on your toes. I don't know if there is some regulation here about who can start topics and so forth. One thing I like to do is share articles I have read on line and get discussion going that way. Oh well, falling asleep...xoxo Anna
At 9:59am on January 27, 2009, Troy Lancaster said…
Thank you Laura, It's a pleaseure to have an outlet such as this as I don't talk much about my own condition very often and, even then most do not understand the way it feels to deal with this on a chronic basis. It runs in my family and, it may have come at a later time in my life but, I had a major car accident where I was rear-ended while at a complete stop coming off the freeway. Needless to say that due to the massive impact and the amount of muscle/skeletal tissue damage that was done, sparked it early in my life at the age of 26. Now 34, I still continue to work and do what I love, helping those afflicted with Cancer and Leukemia go through the Transplant process for their Bone Marrow, Stem Cell or, Cord-blood Transplants. I work in a very close relationship and coordinate all of their appointments, including my Team of doctors, nutritionists and, pharmacists. I tend to minimize my own issues due to my patient population because I'm not dealing with the same issues they are...not that mine are any less to deal with in their own right but, to me, it would just be tacky to complain to someone going through Chemo and radiation therapy about how bad I feel all that time. I do work and strive to improve my symptoms but, mine is farely hard to control at times. I have done a lot of Physical therapy, rehab therapy and, even had to re-train all my musles to learn how to work together again so that I can function in any kind of capacity. From the outside, I look like a farely healthy 34 year old but, my insides have gone through much not the least of which was a massive heart attack in 8/07. I have Thorasic Outlet Syndrome, micr-fibre tears and massive amounts of scare tissue along my intire upper half of my body which also includes Chronic muscle spasms and Headaches for the last 8+ years. The pain never goes away, it can be reduced to a managable level with excercise and medication but, it will never fully go away. I usually feel like I was kicked in the back of the head, neck, shoulders and back by someone who really knew where to make you hurt. I've learned to live and deal with the pain I have and do actively work on it, as my symptoms get worse quickly. Most of my patients never learn that I may also be going through hard times but, it does give me a unique perspective on what they are going through and what it's like to deal with chronic symptoms. Good news is that I cure many people and they go onto live a fairly normal life post transplant...I have no such option. This is something that I will always be burdened by but, I do not let that change the fact that I will still try and improve how I feel on a daily basis.

Thank you so much for your warm welcome and I look forward to speaking to you more as time permits. Thank you for taking the time to listen to some of my history and current situation and, I hope that opening up and talking about this that I may be able to help others and even myself connect and deal with the issues and hand we've been dealt. Bless you Laura, I look forward to speaking to you and the rest of the group more often as we continue to live with Fibromyalgia, etc. Until the next time I hope you all feel well and, please take care.

At 6:54am on January 19, 2009, Josephine Brionez de Flores said…
Thanks for the e-mail. I've had fibro for over 10 yrs. I manage pretty well, but I'm always interested in finding out new info. Hope all is well with you. Thanks again!
At 5:23pm on September 11, 2008, Val said…
Heya Laura! Sorry it's been forever since I wrote, lots of crazy things have been happening. Anyway, the book I am reading is called "Fibromyalgia & Chronic Myofascial pain, A survival Guide 2nd ed." Its a dark green paperback book that I picked up at Borders. I've gotten some pretty insightful stuff on it. One of the authors suffers from FM and is doing his own research on possible causes, links and treatments.
At 4:24pm on August 26, 2008, geofizx said…
Unfortunately, our cleaning lady took a full-time job! So I'm (along with my husband) back to cleaning my own house.
At 3:25pm on August 12, 2008, Bruce McConnell said…
Hi Laura, Still trying to communicate and squeeze into the 21st century. Thanks for the nice welcome to CFSID and Fibromyalgia group. I may have found the cause of my CFS and could present a short talk at one of the meetings. I would need an overhead or powerpoint projector to show MRIs of my brainstem. Cheers.
At 1:12pm on July 28, 2008, Carmen Lovato said…
Hi Laura,
Thank you. You are a blessing and a significant value to all of us that have Fibromyalgia.This will help me cope with my medical problems.
a friend
Carmen Lovato
At 4:52pm on July 9, 2008, Val said…
Hey thanks for the welcome and thank you for organizing a site! You are super cool!
At 3:37pm on June 4, 2008, Jesstagirl said…
I'm very sorry about that (and would write this in a private message or email, but I have NO idea how to do that on here!), and I will definitely let my editor and publisher know that there are people out there interested in having those professions listed in our next issue.

I do know that we send out ballots to doctors all across the city, and the only way they can cast their vote is with their medical identification number, so we can keep repeat voters down. If physician assistants, mid wifes, etc. also have that number then I don't see a problem with including them.

The only way we can continue growing as a magazine is to take comments from our readers, so I'm sorry your email wasn't responded to, but I assure you that I'll pass this issue along!
At 1:17pm on June 4, 2008, Jesstagirl said…
Um, can I ask why you're irritated with the magazine?
At 2:51pm on May 20, 2008, Cameron said…
Hi Laura,
I read in the forum somewhere about a support group for fibromyalgia in Albuquerque but, i can't find the info again (brain fog). Where and when is it?
At 1:35pm on November 26, 2007, Eckleburg and Grumblecake said…
Welcome to the Duke City Mamas group, Laura!

Please feel free to start new discussions in the forum!
At 4:58pm on November 20, 2007, Eckleburg and Grumblecake said…
Welcome Laura! I am guessing by your photo that you have a daughter. I am starting a group on DCF for all the mom's out there and we'd love if you joined!


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