I'll be seeing you around DUKE CITY #DukeCityFix

This troubled city has lost the Albuquerque Tribune, I.Q. ABQ Free Press (Weekly), the Daily Lobo is now the Weekly Lobo, and the Duke City Fix (Blog) is fading away. The glam thespians, the Dolls have retired from the stage. I wanted to thank Sophie Martin and Lita Sandoval for giving me a voice and platform. There were some posts I wrote, that I still go back to quite often for reference, especially Reefer Madness, Going Rogue, and House of Cards. I've been building a personal website to archive letters, paintings, writing, so I'll archive my DCF posts there. 

My mother always complained that my posts were too long, but there was so much going on in this city and state. Local media outlets failed us! They distill the news into sugary quick tweet like bursts, but there is no historical context in their reporting. They don't connect any of the dots. They seem terrified of the lunatic fringes on the extreme far left and right, afraid of being called Biased or Fake News? I really believe that if Journalists acted more skeptical of Government and Partisan spin, this broken city, failed state, and country would be in stronger shape!

I am very nostalgic. I love my record player and 'albums'! My VCR is hooked up to the big screen. I recently purchased 2 boxes of Tequila Mockingbird's VHS tapes of every musical and classic movie ever. I like blogs. I'm not as keen on social media anymore, but try to check in once a week. The past eight months have seemed more like years! The news cycles under this President are so surreal and absurd, that I'm the one aging rapidly. Usually these President's leave the White House looking pretty terrible! Obama, Dubya, Clinton aged daily before our eyes. Hillary Clinton had crowed that she would be the first President who didn't go Grey in office, but Trump uses Ms Clairol Rinse #8. As we head into Month 8 of the Trump Presidency, we have a Republican Mayor, a Republican Governor, a Republican U.S. House, a Republican U.S. Senate, a Republican White House, and they control the Supreme Court for the next 25 years, by denying Obama his SCOTUS Nomination. Onward & Upward!

I'm not sure I can take any more of all this winning!

The Albuquerque Journal Editors seem to have given up, they haven't written about the POTUS for weeks, over one month. 

I also applied for a FULCRUM Grant, sponsored by the Andy Warhol Foundation. I wrote a mixed media musical ELEGANZA extravaganza about Gov. Susana Martinez. Picture it, the play opens with Gov. Martinez decked out in a khaki Beige Security Guard Uniform as she patrols the church bingo, and sings somewhere over the rainbow, dreaming of being the first female Vice President of the United States of America. The first act covers the one thing she's actually good at, punishing people as a state prosecutor, her rise to power, her 2011 Speech, and of course the PEEZTA episode. The first act ends with Trump's resignation and Martinez appointed Vice President, along with a freak Nuclear accident in Albuquerque, the 2nd Act is a little more dystopian! The play ends with President Martinez.  

We shall see. Its hard to believe I can already smell Green Chili roasting from El Modelo as it wafts over the houses in Barales every evening. I'm SO looking forward to the nights cooling off a little. So grateful for the seasonal summer monsoons, although the last few days have been a little dry. I am also looking forward to electing a new Mayor and Governor in the next few months. #DukeCityFix 

I'll be seeing you around Duke City!

Back To The Hotel - N2Deep from Brian Fejer on Vimeo.

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Comment by Dee Cohen on August 10, 2017 at 6:49pm

Good luck Brian!

Comment by Sophie on August 10, 2017 at 9:25pm

Thank you, Brian! It's been a huge pleasure getting to know you better through your posts! We'll see you on Facebook and can't wait to read your blog. Send us the link when you have a chance.

Comment by Adelita on August 11, 2017 at 5:18am

Brian! Have loved your posts and will continue to read them when you start your blog! See you on FB and Instagram!


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